Switchart - Backlit - 2x4 (QS-TSAB-2X4-AION)

Regular price R 1,000.00

• LED Backlit display.
• LED Back light can be dimmed, turned off or changed to whatever colour through the WiFi Bridge or manualy
• This device is controllable through the WiFi Bridge

• Input supply - 12VDC 200mA (Power supply included)
• 4 Button transmitter
• Form factor - 2x4 moulded casing - 145mm (L) x 90mm (W) x 15mm (H)
• Radio frequency - 868MHz
• Range - 30m through walls and floors, 100m line of sight. Repeaters (QS-T-REP) available if needed

Manufacturing lead time - Up to 2 weeks