QwikSwitch 16A QwikCord (QS-R-QC16)

Regular price R 660.00

• Easy plug & play item, simply plug the unit into any 220VAC plug and plug the load into the smartplug.
• This device can be controlled with the WiFi Bridge (QS-WIFI-BRIDGE).
• Switch any appliance on or off with this device.
• This device is controllable from the WiFi Bridge (QS-WIFI-BRIDGE) remotely      
   - Set schedules
   - Turn on / off devices
   - Device Status

• Input supply: 230v AC 50Hz.
• Resistive Load: 3Kw (16A AC) .
• Form factor: 2x4 South African switch socket (130mm(L) x 80mm(w) x 60mm(H).
• Radio frequency: 868MHz.
• Distance: 30m from Cloud Hub.
• Ip51 Designed for interior use only).