QwikSwitch- 5A ON/OFF Relay (QS-R-S5)

Regular price R 550.00

• The QS-R-S5 Relay is one of the most popular device in the QwikSwitch range as it allows you to control anything, not just lighting eg. Bathroom Fan etc.
• Please note that there are bigger relay contacts available in 30A, if needed please contact your closest QwikSwitch representative.
• Not recommended for LED use - QS-R-DOPTO should be used.
• This device is controllable from the WiFi Bridge (QS-WIFI-BRIDGE) remotely      
   - Set schedules
   - Turn on / off devices
   - Device Status
• Ability to be set as a pulse output (200ms/400ms/600ms/800ms/1s/2s/5s)

• Input supply - 220Vac, 50Hz
• Output - 220 Vac, 50Hz
• Load - 1Kw Resistive load (5A) ONLY
• Form factor - moulded casing - 86mm (L) x 36mm (W) x 29mm (H)
• Radio frequency - 868MHz
• Range - 30m through walls and floors, 100m line of sight.