Load differences explained

Load differences explained

Setup and Installation

If you have a USB modem running version 1.6 or higher, with receivers carrying firmware version 4 or higher! It's as easy as follows: Click on the receiver units icon on the right ">", click on "Info", click on "Activate Link Mode". This will put the receiver (Version 4 on wards) in link mode, just like holding the black button on the side of the receiver. Now press and release the transmitter button that you want to link. DONE. If you do not have a USB modem you would need to have the @... ID on the side of the unit.
No, the dimmer model can dim up to 6 down-lights (200W) and the switch model can power up to 20 down-lights (1000W). For larger dimming loads, see our 1KW, 2KW and 3KW power module dimmers.
Yes, because its wireless and battery powered its safe to place in your bathroom.
QwikSwitch switch plates require no wiring, but the QwikSwitch receiver and your light circuit still require wire for power.
Transmitter plates may simply be double side taped to most surfaces. For more permanent mounting, remove the outer cover and mount using the two screw holes provided.
QwikSwitch may be used in a wide variety of applications, from a single lighting circuit to your whole home. Energy-wise lighting, building remodelling and retro-fit projects can now be completed quickly and effectively without all the wiring hassles.QwikSwitch is the best solution for any installation where running wires is difficult or expensive.Virtually anything that turns off and on can be controlled by QwikSwitch products.
Please be advised that QwikSwitch, mains powered, devices are designed to operate of pure 220V 50Hz - Eskom supply.

This supply may vary in voltage and frequency by no more than 5%, any variations outside of this specification will void our warrantee.

UPS and backup power systems that generate 220v AC supply often make use of modified SINE wave generators, that result in unpure or noisy SINE waves that can cause severe damage to equipment. Please contact us should you wish to install any of our equipment under these conditions, we can then advise you on the correct remedial action.
Placing the receivers close to the lights allows for short wiring runs and simpler installation. Placing all the receivers together, however, simplifies maintenance if required.

Product Specifications

The QwikSwitch wireless system is capable of working in excess of 30m through walls and floors. Signal Repeaters are available for longer distances.
QwikSwitch transmitters use standard coin-cell or AAA batteries, and will last between 2 and 7 years, dependent on usage.
QwikSwitch products work using digital radio communications (868Mhz).
QwikSwitch products are proudly designed, manufactured and supported in South Africa. please see Wiliteiot for other options


Yes, one or many QwikSwitch receivers can be linked to operate off a single transmitter button.
Yes, QwikSwitch receivers can be linked to respond to multiple transmitters. Now you can place a switch at the top and the bottom of the stairs or entrance and exit of a passageway and these can both control the same light without any additional wiring.
A scene is a quick way of setting a group of lights to your favourite levels with one button press, e.g Climb into bed and press "Sleep" ...this sets all your inside lighting to your desired levels and turns outside security lighting on.With a QwikSwitch ScenePad you can create the scenes you want to simplify your lifestyle...e.g "Leave","Arrive","Movie","Entertain"..etc
No, QwikSwitch products communicate using radio frequencies whereas normal remote controls use Inrfa-Red.


Light up your home and front entrance from the security of your car with the press of one button on your keyring remote. Controlling your lighting from anywhere within a secure environment allows you to have the upper-hand.


A QwikSwitch Relay Receiver (QS-R-S5) can run a small 750W pump directly. For larger loads we recommend driving an external relay or contactor from the QS-R-S5 Relay Receiver.


All QwikSwitch products carry a three year warranty against material defects and workmanship.

WiFi Bridge & Cloud hub

If your Internet SIM card does not have the ability to send a text message you will be required to temporarily make use of a SIM card that can. With a text message activated SIM card, send a text message to the Cloud Hub mobile number (default is 'internet'): apn:name. Replace 'name" with required APN name. Then remove the text message activated sim card and replace with your internet only sim card.

No, if your WIFI Bridge has no internet at the time a schedule is set to run then your schedule will not run even if internet is restored shortly after.
Set multiple of the same schedule at different times in case the first timed schedule was missed.

Dimmer Receivers (QS-R-DOPTO)

 Ensure that the light is a dimmable bulb. Not all LED loads are made the same way and batches of the same bulb can change due to change of electronic supplier or cost cutting. Most will work fine but there will always be some out there that wont work well with our dimmer.
Make sure you have a dimmable bulb. Make sure your QS-R-DOPTO is in dimmer mode. Swop the load with a working load to make sure its not the dimmer at fault.