Qwik-Switch Solutions


QwikSwitch gives you the ability to control, automate and schedule devices in your home that you already use on a day to day basis.
Our unique protocol on 868 MHZ forms the “backbone” that our wireless switches and receivers communicate on. Perfect for one-to-one communication or for a more complex automation solution.


By incorporating a Cloud Hub your solution is now remotely accessible giving you access via our web or app interface. You are now able to schedule any QwikSwitch receiver to switch On/Off or DIM to a specified level at a specific time. Simply select the desired device and add a schedule via the dashboard.  Perfect from a energy saving and security perspective.


Where lighting control really shows it worth is in the ability to create scenes.
QwikSwitch scene transmitters give you the ability for one touch scene control, perfect for convenience, energy saving and security.

A Dinner party scene could be designed to have your dining room centre lights dim to 70%, switch on the corner lamps all while having the kitchen lights dim to 40%. A single button push would enable you to switch off all the interior lights and activate your outdoor spotlights, giving you the ability to see outside your premises!


Conventional switching of lights from multiple locations requires difficult and costly wiring, there is little/no flexibility in the placement of the switches and there is limited configuration as to which lights are switched together.
With QwikSwitch there are none of these limitations, place the switches wherever you want.



Reduce energy consumption with our easy-to-use Geyser Controller. Available as a standalone version TMS (wireless radio pad) or as part of a Smart Home solution.

You can easily set schedules and temperatures to start saving immediately.

The geyser controller is connected directly to your geyser but does not replace your existing thermostat. The thermostat acts as a second fail safe, giving you peace of mind. With this in place your geyser is now ready to be controlled either via the internet through the Cloud Hub, or locally via the wireless Table Mount Scheduler.

GSM Cloud Hub

The Qwik-Switch GSM Cloud Hub is an online gateway between the Internet and your Qwik-Switch installation. It gives you the ability to remotely control and monitor all your devices with ease.

Wizer Scheduler

The Table Mount Scheduler (TMS) is a stand alone wireless, battery-powered interface for the geyser controller. It allows you to set schedules by time of day and day of the week, giving you hot water exactly when you need it. It also displays the geyser temperature in real time.

    • The geyser controller is installed at your geyser and through your TMS you are able to remotely(within wireless range) setup schedules based on temperature settings for different periods of the day when warm water is required.
    • No more forgetting to switch your geyser On or Off, save electricity with intelligent temperature-based geyser control.
    • Monitor your geyser temperature in real time.

    Additional Features

      • IDLE: set and maintain an idle temperature for the geyser to rest at - which allows the geyser to heat quicker than if it was heating from cold
      • BOOST: allows you to override the preset schedule and heat the geyser to the required temperature
      • FAIL SAFE: if a radio communication error occurs, the geyser reverts to a default heating value to ensure you are not left without warm water
      • PROBE FAILURE: should the temperature probe fail to register a reading, the geyser will default to its internal thermostat.

      Wizer Scheduler - Additional Features

      Battery powered radio pad can be placed anywhere up to 30m away from the geyser
      Accessibility makes it easy to integrate into your lifestyle
      Set a 7 day schedule, as well as idle and maximum temperatures

      Display shows time and day of the week
      Boost functionality to heat water when needed without affecting schedules


      Schedule lighting to simulate presence when you are not home. Control garage, gate, indoor and outdoor lighting with a keyring remote from the safety of your vehicle.
      Receive Android in-app alerts from strategically placed motion sensors. Wireless door sensors can alert you as well as trigger linked receivers.



      Placement of switches is simple and can be changed as requirements change. Multi-way switching can be achieved simply, as well as scene / mood lighting. 


      Control your pool lights and pump with a receiver linked to a standard QwikSwitch wireless transmitter (switch) or have a schedule turn them on at specific time intervals.