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QwikSwitch and Alexa intergration

Automate your home or office with your voice!

Wireless integration with Amazon’s“Alexa”
Use your voice to control your QwikSwitch devices.
Simply add the skill and #QwikSwitchIt.


About Alexa

Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses far-field voice recognition.
The Echo Dot has a small built-in speaker, it can also connect to your speakers over Bluetooth or with a audio cable.
Switching made easy in a functional automation system
with Qwik-Switch and Amazon Echo “Alexa”


QwikSwitch Wireless Transmitter - QS-T-2 or QS-T-4

Our new wireless switch, compatible across our entire range of receivers.The new switch range is available in a two and four button variation, both designed with button identification markings.

This time around we decided to incorporate the P.C board into the base plate of the unit which will enable a far easier battery replacement process without having to remove the switch from the wall.  Depending on the receiver selected you will be able to make use of the On/Off or Dimming function designed into each switch.

With its multi-way switching capability and the ability to incorporate multiple receivers to one button, the applications where this wireless switch can be utilised are endless!



QwikSwitch WiFi Bridge - QS-WIFI-BRIDGE

WiFi Bridge

Connects QwikSwitch to the internet.

Connecting to your existing WiFi router with a WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) connection, making switching and monitoring easy and effective.
Look for the WPS logo on your router to make sure it supports this security standard.
Allows remote control of your QwikSwitch devices from your smart phone, tablet or laptop from anywhere.
Our new WiFi Bridge is compatible with all our current switching and monitoring devices.

LED Indication light: On power up the LED light will be visible above the logo. It will cycle through the status colours as indicated below.

• Red - Offline
• Purple - No internet
• Blue - Online